10 t. knuckel boom crane

10 t. knuckel boom crane

Type SAC32000
Max. Rated Torque 32000 (kg.m)
Lifting Capacity at radius of 3m 10000 )kg(
Max. Slewing arc 400 (°)
Front Outriggers Extension 180 (cm)
Rear Outriggers Extension 150 (cm)
Oil tank capacity 110 (l)
Min. Weight 3000 (kg)
Min. required chasiss 19 (Ton)
Driving force Vehicle P.T.O
Capability of mounting hydraulic winch Yes
Capability of mounting basket Yes
Capability of remote control Yes
Capability of mounting LMI Yes

5 4 3 2 boom section
14m 12m 10m 8m Max. outreach radius


15 13m 11

Max. outreach height