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قیمت خرید جرثقیل

3 ton telescopic

3 ton telescopic crane:
This product is classified as a truck crane.
And has the ability to install hydraulic crane winch and install carrying basket and sliding pockets.

The load capacity of this type of crane behind the truck is 3000 kg at a distance of three meters from the crane.
Depending on the length of the drawers and the opening of the telescope, the loading capacity decreases at longer distances, according to the load table.

What is a telescopic crane?

The distinctive feature of this type of crane behind Saliar truck is the light weight and low weight of the crane device.
Which has made it possible to install on cars with 6-ton chassis.
The weight of this crane device produced by Saliar Sanat is about 1200 kg, which is very suitable for installation on trucks and vans.

Pocket installation can increase maneuverability and height for the crane.
Saliar crane pocket is very easy to install and can be easily installed on the crane mast with one operator.

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مشخصات فنی Technical Specifications
حداکثر گشتاور مجاز
10000 (kg.m)Max. Rated Torque

ظرفیت بار برداری مجاز در شعاع 3 متری3000 (kg)Lifting Capacity at radius of 3m
حداکثر زاویه گردش400 (°)Max. Slewing arc
گسترش ثابت کننده های جلو150 (cm)Front Outriggers Extension
گسترش ثابت کننده های عقب130 (cm)Rear Outriggers Extension
ظرفیت باک روغن80 (l)Oil tank capacity

کمینه وزن1200 (kg)Min. Weight
حداقل شاسی مورد نیاز6 (Ton)Min. required chasiss
نیروی محرکهP.T.O خودروی حامل
Vehicle P.T.O
Driving force
قابلیت نصب وینچ هیدرولیکداردCapability of mounting hydraulic winch
قابلیت نصب سبدداردCapability of mounting basket
قابلیت کنترل از راه دورداردCapability of remote control
قابلیت نصب سیستم هوشمند کنترل پایداریداردCapability of mounting LMI

تعداد قطعات بوم234
حداکثر شعاع دستیابی
Max outreach radius
8.5 متر12 متر15 متر
حداکثر ارتفاع دستیابی
Max outrech hieght
11 متر14.5 متر17.5 متر

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